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Sunette Holmes Louw

Sunette was raised surrounded by the rich diversity of her birth country, South Africa.  She is drawn to the symbolic visual dynamics of diversity and the meaning that can befound within that polarity and harmony. Most of Sunette’s work start with  drawing of hands, that are filled with so much complex meaning and strength. Other symbolism used in her work is to express her love for Africa, the joys and struggles universal to all human kind.
Using her dynamic drawings as foundation, Sunette has developed a unique and bold approach to silkscreening during her years at University. Creating techniques to  produce large expressive silkscreen prints, this opened doors not only to exhibit but also to teach. Sunette had opportunity to teach students at the University of Pretoria where she graduated with Bachelors in Fine arts (1994) and an Educational diploma (1995). After graduating she invested in another 4 years of post graduate studies.  Because of her years spent in the world of Academics, and for the joy of teaching, she had many opportunities to teach printmaking and drawing techniques to students of all ages. Sunette has had her work exhibited at exhibitions in South Africa and Canada.

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