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Studios for Rent

Become a part of the community! 


These are  the current studio possibilities available; both private and shared, at Martin Street Art and Music Gallery.


If you are interested please call or send an email to:

250 488 4999   250 490 1625 

Studio Residents:

  • ​Kindrie Grove

  • Renee Matheson

  • Pat Proudfoot

  • Bill Everden

  • Eve Bohem

  • Janice Roberts

Private or shared, lockable studios with skylights range from 86 sq ft to 176 sq ft.  Prices range from $250 to $460 per month.

Flex Studio Membership: $250 plus tax

  • Shared studio space with lockers and display space in the studio

  • Access during gallery hours

  • Common kitchenette and wheelchair accessible bathroom

  • Use of the stage to paint in the gallery with other artists​

  •  Resident Artist Directory listing on Martin Street Art and Music Gallery's webite

Full Artist Residency (private studio) starts at $360 plus tax

  • All of the above plus:

  • Private, lockable studio with 24 hour access

  • Group accident insurance

  • Hallway hanging gallery for resident artists

  • Venue rental discount

  • Gallery referrals to resident artists

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