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Stephanie Perry

Born in 1978, Stephanie Perry grew up on the northern most part of Vancouver Island in a fishing village called Port Hardy and was heavily influenced by the natural landscape in the wild areas that were her playground.  Her art mostly consists of landscapes and ecological subject matter like plants and animals, most of which she viewed and interacted with on the island. Being an avid bird watcher and nature enthusiast much of her inspiration comes from her own personal experiences, her work becoming a visual biography.  In her work one can see the desire to protect the waning human instinct of nature preservation and the quest for the nurturance of the human spirit, much of her work is making a subtle jab at our current status on the planet. “Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads” quote by Henry David Thoreau

  She has dabbled in a variety of media such as oils, textiles, watercolor and sculpture, but her recent work within the last decade has been primarily acrylic and oil on canvas or panel.  Stephanie first studied Art in Victoria BC at Camosun College and then finished her degree in Fine Arts at Concordia University in Montreal QC in 2003. She furthered her education and love of the arts to complete a teaching degree at University of Calgary in 2006 and taught Art to high school students for a few years before starting her own family. Being a mother brought her back to her devotion to painting the natural landscape that surrounded her on hikes with her daughters, creating a link between her teaching of plant and animal life to her children and how she visually expressed her adventures with them.  In 2016 the Perry’s made the move to Penticton BC in the Okanagan Valley. The rolling hills and gorgeous lakes of the Okanagan have continuously been a new source of inspiration for her. Especially the California Quail which are unique to the Okanagan in Canada. For more info please contact the artist at Or ph# 250 492 4884.

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