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Pat Proudfoot

I am grateful to see beauty and inspiration all around me and find joy in expressing what I see in paint.  Painting becomes even more fun for me when my work brings a connection or inspiration to others.  I aim to connect through an honest portrayal of life, the joys of nature or at times, the deeper musings that need space to be expressed.

While I was born and raised on the Canadian prairies I now find my home in the mountains of BC.  My husband George and I raised our young family of 3 in Fernie for 16 years and have since settled for the past 18 years in the Okanagan community of Penticton.

Over the years I have been influenced by the instruction of a number of wonderful artists and have always known one day I would focus my time and attention on painting……that day has finally come! The subjects of my painting I find in the things I care about;  Faith, family and friends, people, justice and the environment.

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