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Pat Field

Pat was born and raised in British Columbia by hard working, big living parents who nurtured creative ideas as a way to have a better life. Happily married to the best gal in the world, father to two of the most unique human beings around and a community minded volunteer.

An international artist, writer, musician, mentor, project manager, inventor, environmentalist, facilitator, and businessman who enjoys complex problem solving, change making and creative innovations that will help us reinvent how we relate to nature and each other.

Trained as a biologist and as a sculptor who has worked around the world , being close to family and friends, fresh air, clean abundant water, mountains and lakes and living in a rural community to learn and grow his spirit in are all that is important. It will be his centre of the universe for a few more decades to come. While he focuses on sculpture, it is all about community service.

Familiar sculptures you may know of his in town are at the Lakeside Resort , the large abstract granite and concrete water fountain feature,  Manitou Park granite sculpture in Naramata and the Portal piece along Okanagan lakeshore. 

Pat welcomes everyone to his fire, anytime.

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