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Mark Werklund

Mark has his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Alberta College of Art + Design in Sculpture. He moved to the Okanagan with his wife in 2017.
Typically, Mark uses mixed-media, ranging from found objects, electronics, fiberglass, and resins. More recently Mark has been working with bronze castings. Mark thinks of himself as an intuitive artist and does not tend to overplan his sculptures, and after initial planning and research, tends to let them develop naturally.
Artists who have influenced Mark’s work include Patricia Picinini, Katie Ohe, Blake Senini, Rita McKeough, Ed & Nancy Kienholz, and David Altmejd. Mark is also fascinated by the author Richard Dawkins, most notably his book The Selfish Gene. 
Mark has a background in small-scale fabrication which has led to teaching multiple molding & casting workshops as well as sculpting workshops. He has worked with local maker groups, artist run centres and the Calgary Science Centre.
He is a Director on his family’s Foundation, focusing on education and youth empowerment.

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