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John Pearson

John Pearson is a photographer and artist from the Okanogan with several areas of interest. A photographer from wet darkroom days into the digital era, he has an eye for the zen balance of compositions, playing with asymmetries of color, form, and space to create photographs less representative, more interpretive and abstract in nature. Images that draw the attention of the viewer, encouraging a sense of presence and calm engagement.



John has also recently become interested in making black and white graphite drawings of larger sizes. The simplicity of the black and white space helps to focus attention on the people within, characters from film and life, often couples, and the emotional moments in which they are entangled. Each image provides the elements of a story to engage the viewer creatively and emotionally, and to linger in the memory.


Practicing Yoga for a number of years, in tribute to his practice, John has begun to make small bronzes figures, showing the form as well as attempting to convey the internal essence of the yogic poses. 


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