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Jan Cornett-Ching

Janice Cornett-Ching is an accomplished award winning painter/artist, living and working in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia.   Cornett-Ching excels at Landscapes and Portraits of people and animals, as well as the natural environment around her. Born in Scotland, she lived in Southampton, England until the age of thirteen, until her family moved to Calgary before settling in the Okanagan.

Basically a self-taught artist, Janice inherited her artistic talents from her father and created her own unique style and excellent reputation as an artist.  She is now experimenting with a 3 dimensional effect using a different combination of fillers to create a feel of realism.

Janice works in all mediums depending on the subject matter as to which is best suited to the painting.  Her specialty is portraits of people and animals, usually done in pastel, or watercolor, depending on the texture of the fur on the animal.

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