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Diane Way

When I put paint to paper it’s like the start of an adventure, a road trip. I enjoy the anticipation of hitting the wide open paper, I pack my imagination and grab my vision and start the creative journey. The watercolour painting process, like an excursion, can sometimes take me down some unexpected routes, at times bringing to light some wonderful sights and other times forcing me to ask for directions. The mystery of the journey is what keeps me hooked. Like a vacation I begin by thoroughly planning my paintings almost rehearsing in my mind the route I will take. This allows me to be very aware of my paint application while at the same time immersing myself in the spontaneous nature of water media. Learning to go with the flow, finding joy in the twists and turns of the trip and even getting lost all provide me with a thrill! If I reach the destination in my art work that’s great but the important thing is to enjoy the ride!

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