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Andie Felts

 Born and raised in Ontario; Andie grew up wishing to become a teacher, however paths took her in a different direction and she graduated with a Social Work diploma and then served 5 years in the Canadian Armed Forces.

 Always being drawn to the abstract, her visions of colours and textures have recently started to make it to canvas as a therapeutic release from PTSD. She finds her inspiration with things around her. Her current mood, memories and “happy” thoughts help with her colour schemes. She uses a mix of mediums to bring out depth and showcase her talents.

With art being a major part of her therapy, she has chosen to reach out to others who fight on a daily basis with Mental Health issues, and her connection with other veterans. With that being said, she has decided to donate a portion of her proceeds from her work to local Mental Health initiatives and to Soldier On, a veteran program that she holds close to her heart.

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